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  • On display during our : For those interested and looking for further information about apprenticeship open days, visit the website linked below! Read more Read more 03:30 PM - 22nd August, 2019
  • We would like to say congratulations to our on your GCSE results and good luck in the future! Read more 12:30 PM - 22nd August, 2019
  • A reminder: Thursday 22nd August is our GCSE Results Day! Your results will be available to collect from 10am. Good luck, everyone! Read more 12:37 PM - 21st August, 2019
  • Here are our first three from our LRC! To learn more, visit our website! Read more 12:37 PM - 21st August, 2019
  • It's very nearly the end of term but student attendance is still really important. To find out more about 's campaign, please visit their website: Read more Read more 09:30 AM - 19th July, 2019
  • Yesterday, our Victory Suite took a trip to Winchester Science Centre! They did a workshop about States of Matter involving lots of slime and visited the planetarium for a trip around the Solar System. They also had time to investigate the exhibits. Read more 03:33 PM - 18th July, 2019
  • Further to our post earlier, please visit the following link to read the article published about our Speed Networking event! Read more 03:29 PM - 18th July, 2019
  • Yesterday afternoon, Year 10 got to attend their Speed Networking session in which multiple companies and groups from various industries spent time with the students answering questions about their lines of work and what they did to get where they are now. Read more 01:25 PM - 18th July, 2019
  • As Year 7 Spanish classes draw to a close, 7P1 Spanish class have completed a presentation about themselves using cue cards. They all presented for a minute and many scored highly for their authentic pronunciation and use of 2 tenses. ¡Muy bien! Read more 01:16 PM - 18th July, 2019
  • 89 Year 10 Geographers went to the River Blackwater in the New Forest and spent the morning investigating how the river changed from source to mouth. The afternoon was spent collecting data comparing two shopping centres in Southampton and evaluating which is the most successful. Read more 01:12 PM - 18th July, 2019
  • During a Careers Week sessions, Year 10 attended a talk by Mr Purnell about social media. They learnt about how the way they present themselves online can impact the way potential employers see them and how they can use social media to their advantage when looking for a career. Read more 12:59 PM - 18th July, 2019
  • This week, during their careers sessions Year 10 have been fortunate enough to take part in workshops led by nationally recognised entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Harry Takhar. Read more 12:54 PM - 18th July, 2019