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  • On , a group of 10 Year 8 girls got to attend the Roadshow and take part in various activities all with the goal of promoting more opportunities for . To find out more about the , click here: Read more Read more 01:30 PM - 20th March, 2019
  • Yesterday in a Year 9 Hospitality & Catering lesson, students were learning how to create this amazing bread - expertly demonstrated by Mr Wagstaffes and Ms Vidler! Read more 11:30 AM - 20th March, 2019
  • Wow what an amazing performance from our U15 Boys Basketball team this afternoon. Down at half time but came back to beat Winchester College 43-45 in their Hampshire Cup Semi Final. Very proud of them. 👍🏻🏀⛹️‍♂️ Read more 09:28 AM - 20th March, 2019
  • Thank you so much to the lovely staff of Life Effect Chiropractic for coming in and helping so many of our staff on our Well-Being Day yesterday! Read more 01:31 PM - 19th March, 2019
  • During their Marginal Gains workshop last week, the boys were working on their resilience skills. The activity shown here was a tower building challenge in which the boys had to remain patient as they competed against one another to build the tallest tower they could. Read more 01:20 PM - 19th March, 2019
  • How amazing to have our students bringing in work they’ve done at home! Read more 09:30 AM - 19th March, 2019
  • 7P1 pupils have been reflecting on their Spanish progress so far this academic year. It proved to be a great conversation starter at Parents' Evening 🇪🇸 Read more 01:30 PM - 18th March, 2019
  • The PE Department has released their bulletin for this week, including last week's fixture results. Should students have any questions they are encouraged to visit the PE Office. They also update regularly on Twitter () and Instagram (Read more). Read more 09:22 AM - 18th March, 2019
  • As part of our Bake Sale for , on Wednesday we held a silent auction on this incredible cake brought in by a student in Year 10 with the winning bid coming from the Admin department! Read more 11:30 AM - 15th March, 2019
  • "If a pupil is persistently absent (90% attendance) they have missed 4 weeks of schooling." - To find out more about their campaign, please visit their website: Read more Read more 09:30 AM - 15th March, 2019
  • Year 11 History students working hard revising Anglo-Saxon and Norman England! Amazing work! Read more 11:42 AM - 14th March, 2019
  • Our Maths department are ready for ! Read more 09:12 AM - 14th March, 2019