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  • Starting from Monday 25th February 2019, we're going to be starting our Big Breakfast! Read more 12:00 PM - 20th February, 2019
  • For their latest initiative, have worked with Mr Purnell to organise re-fillable water bottles for students to purchase from after half term! Read more 11:30 AM - 19th February, 2019
  • Happy ! Well done to these students for having such great behaviour this week - enjoy your hot chocolate and your half term, and keep up the good work when school starts again on Monday 25th February! Read more 03:00 PM - 15th February, 2019
  • This Year 10 class have been writing exam answers using WAGOLL’s, which means ‘What a good answer looks like’. They then peer assessed by being the ‘examiner’ and using the mark scheme to improve their understanding of how a good exam answer should be written. Read more 02:00 PM - 15th February, 2019
  • During their Marginal Gains workshop yesterday, this group of students were working on different activities to boost their team building and communication skills. Read more 01:30 PM - 15th February, 2019
  • Year 11 were given an assembly yesterday afternoon at which they were issued their mock exam timetable along with a list of homework activities to support their revision over half term. Read more 11:30 AM - 15th February, 2019
  • Congratulations to our brilliant cast and crew of "Annie" for their performances on Wednesday and Thursday evening! You all did an amazing job, well done! And thank you to everyone who came along and supported all their hard work! Read more 10:05 AM - 15th February, 2019
  • "Being 15 minutes late each day is the same as missing two weeks of school over the year." - Find out more about their campaign: Read more Read more 09:30 AM - 15th February, 2019
  • The second set of our Student and Parent Careers Workshops starts on Thursday 21st March 2019. Each of the six workshops run on Thursday evenings from 6pm until 8pm. If you're interested in joining, please contact either Mr Purnell or Ms Panou-King for further details. Read more 01:30 PM - 14th February, 2019
  • Some good analysis being made in this English class on the different themes in “Romeo and Juliet”. Read more 12:00 PM - 14th February, 2019
  • A new display has been created in the LRC showing the reading progress of each House since September! Well done Intrepid House for passing 6 million words, Invincible & Fearless for passing 4 million, and Illustrious for passing 3 million! Read more 10:08 AM - 14th February, 2019
  • Last week's careers workshop saw the group working on Employability Skills, with a focus on team building! Read more 11:30 AM - 12th February, 2019