House System


Each student and member of staff belongs to a “House” at Miltoncross, and remains in the House until they leave. We have four Houses, each led by a Head of House and an Assistant Head of House. In addition each House has 2 Student Leaders. Throughout the academic year there are a number of House challenges for students and staff and each House will compete to win the House Challenge Cup at the end of the year.

The four Houses are named after Royal Navy ships and are represented by their own colour.



The Houses

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(Red pin)

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The Heads of Year (2021-2022)


Year 7

Head of Year:
Miss E James (Email)

Assistant Head of House:
Mrs B Grainger (Email)


Year 8

Head of Year:
Mrs J Sollars  (Email)  

Assistant Head of Year:
Mrs J Rose  (Email)


Year 9

Head of Year:
Mrs A Wallis  (Email)

Assistant Head of Year:
Miss K Robinson  (Email)


Year 10

Head of Year:
Mrs T Paffett (Email)

Assistant Head of Year:
Mrs M Hewitt  (Email)


Year 11

Head of Year:
Mr S Norman (Email)

Assistant Head of Year:
Mrs J Sandy (Email)



Each House is organised into ten vertical tutor groups of students from Years 7 to 11. To help promote the family ethos of the House system, siblings will be placed in the same House although not usually in the same tutor group. Each tutor group meets for 20 minutes every morning at 8.45a.m. and attends a weekly house assembly. Each student is given a badge when they first join the school which shows which House they belong to. House badges are part of the school uniform at Miltoncross and must be displayed on the blazer lapel.

The goals of the House system are to:

·         encourage a family ethos and a sense of belonging;

·         build support for younger student from older ones;

·         promote home school communication;

·         enhance student voice and leadership;

·         encourage team work and co-operation through healthy participation and competition in a number of  


·         improve understanding of other year group events and issues for all students;

·         provide the opportunity for student leadership;

·         facilitate student mentoring by staff and students;

·         emulate life beyond Miltoncross where adults work with people of all ages.