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This information will help guide you through our Uniform and Dress Code Policy:

At Miltoncross, we believe that school uniform achieves three important goals:

It acts as a social leveller. By all wearing the same school uniform that reduces the demand for fads or fashion, students do not compete with each other, and no student can be seen as wealthier or poorer than others. This reduces unkindness.

It encourages a sense of community identity and pride. By wearing the same badge and the same clothing, students are more likely to feel part of a community; this will encourage them to think about the needs of our community as well as their own individual needs.

It encourages our students to develop habits for life. By learning to dress smartly, fold trousers and hang up their blazers, students learn the habits of self-discipline and personal responsibility that will stay with them for life.

For our uniform policy to be successful, it must be implemented universally and without exception. Our parents understand this and so support us at home to uphold the school’s high standards.

At Miltoncross, we understand that for some families, finances are tight. We believe that, by doing all we can to keep items of fashion out of school, we help families to keep costs down. There should be no need for children to ask for expensive, fashionable items. If you do have a problem with any item of clothing or footwear, or you are unsure about an item of clothing or footwear, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Year Team, who will deal with your enquiry in the strictest confidence.



School Uniform Policy

Please click on the link below to open and read our School Uniform and Appearance Policy.

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Equipment required (minimum)

  • 2 black or blue ball-point pens.
  • 1 sharpened pencil.
  • 1 rubber (advised).
  • 1 small ruler.
  • 1 scientific calculator.
  • No tipex or correctors.
  • No marker pens.



Exceptions to this dress code are at the discretion of the Headteacher only.

We understand that Uniform can cause stress between parents and their children as it is not always clear on what is acceptable. This policy and guidance has been put together to make uniform buying and wearing a lot clearer to both parents and students and the areas of uncertainty clarified. Miltoncross recognises that students do not always want to comply with school uniform requirements and that this can cause problems at home. The school however, cannot and will not alter our school uniform or dress code to suit individual tastes or opinions. Our uniform policy is always under consideration and we would always seek to work with any parents encountering difficulty ensuring their son/daughter complies with our school uniform or dress code. The school will contact parents of those students who attend school without proper uniform, or those who refuse to accept the school’s dress code. We always strive to work with parents to ensure these problems can be resolved.



Uniform Suppliers

P A School and Sportswear (Penelope Ann)

34-36 Tangier Road 

Copnor,  Portsmouth PO3 6JN

Telephone: 023 92666142

email: paschool@hotmail.com



Aspen House

Airport Service Road

Portsmouth PO3 5RA

Telephone: 023 9282 2436

Website orders:http://www.hargreavespromotions.co.uk/store/pages.php?pageid=8



HIVE Portsmouth

"HIVE Portsmouth is a strategic partnership in Portsmouth consisting of a representative group of the voluntary and community sector, NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group and Portsmouth City Council.

We work with local people, groups and organisations in a way that recognises and nurtures the strengths of individuals, families and communities and helps to build independence and self-reliance as an alternative to a reliance on traditional services.

We connect people and organisations to share, support and learn in order to meet the needs of individuals and are committed to working together with the objective of building a happier, healthier and more connected city."

Miltoncross Academy has been working alongside HIVE to help provide donations of old uniforms that could be provided to those less fortunate in our local community. If you have any uniform that you wish to donate, or would like to speak to them about obtaining uniform, please send them an email using this address:





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