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When your child is absent from school through sickness or for any other reason please ensure that the school is contacted and made aware of the reason for their absence.  There are several ways in which the school can be informed and contacted:

1.  By telephoning the school on 02392 738 022 and either:

a. Responding to the recorded message asking if you want to leave an absence message

by pressing 1, or

b. Leaving a message with the receptionist

c. Leaving a message on the school answer phone

2. By emailing the school using:

If you are unable to use any of the methods above and you receive a text requesting a reason for your child’s absence for that day then please reply to the text. Your reply will be sent to the attendance team who will note the reason for absence.

If you receive a letter concerning a recent unauthorised absence, please follow the instructions and provide the school with the information required. On your child’s return to school, please send in a note explaining the reason for absent. It is crucial that you inform the school as soon as possible whenever you child is absent, whatever the reason. Also, please be reminded that any absence due to illness beyond five days requires medical evidence, for example a hospital appointment card/letter, a prescription or the packaging of the dispensed medication which can be photocopied. If medical evidence is not provided, the absence will remain unauthorised.


Attendance Policy

Portsmouth City Council Guide to Attendance



Medical Guide 

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Numeracy Information

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This ThinkUKnow site has very clear advice for pupils and parents, including a CEOP Report link:

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Unique Learner Number Privacy Notice

For information regarding your child's ULN, please click HERE

If you wish to opt out of this information being shared, please click HERE to email Mrs Cross with your name.