PE Kit Update

Students have the option from today (Tuesday 8th December 2020) to wear their PE kit all day on days they have PE. This is to maintain their safety in the changing rooms at the current time. Due to the winter weather, students are advised to wear their winter kit.

As part of the student's PE kit, we posted earlier this term that students can wear a jumper (preferably black) but it must not have a hood (we are currently working with Penelope Anne on our new outdoor PE garment). Students can wear black tracksuit bottoms, their PE T-shirt, and a jumper as their PE kit. If they are cold in other lessons then we recommend they put their blazer on.

For Friday’s non-school uniform day, students are advised to wear something that they can do PE lessons in. The PE Department will be catering their lessons to more non-uniform activities, but have advised that students not wear jeans. Christmas-wear can include items of a festive colour (green or red, for example), festive socks, tinsel in their hair, etc. so students with PE should choose items that are festive and warm, yet practical for PE.

Thank you.