Weekly Attendance House Raffle - 20 Nov 20

It’s time to announce the winners of this week’s Attendance Raffle!

Every week, each House runs a raffle for the students with the highest attendance and Achievement Points with the winner receiving a £5 voucher.

Firstly, the tutor tables. Last week, the following tutor groups earned the highest average attendance for their Houses:

  • ILS209 - 88.95%
  • INV107 - 88.91%
  • FLS214 - 88.71%

Now, a big congratulations is in order for the following students as their hard work last week led to their nominations for the raffle:

  • Tianna G (Year 8, FLS)
  • Maddelena Rose M (Year 9, ILS)
  • Zalan R (Year 10, INV)

Keep up the good work, everyone!