Teach Portsmouth Awards - Friday 5th October

Three of our staff were presented with trophies at the awards ceremony for in excess of 20 years service to the young people of Portsmouth:

Mrs  Knight: for her work with vulnerable and SEN students in the Academy. Mrs Knight is calm, has great integrity, is unassuming and kind and only ever wants the best for Portsmouth children and parents

Mr Hobbs: has taught science and now design and technology. He has held several roles within the Academy, always contributes to the wider school agenda, creates scenery for the Academy show and often tops the votes for Teacher of the Year (voted for by students)

Mrs Canham: science technician. Science runs through Catherine's bones! The science department is high attaining and Catherine is part of that. She puts on and resources science fayres, science weeks, space week. She is always working in the background and is a science 'geek' of the first order. Nothing is too much trouble for her.

Congratulations and thank you to all three.