House Challenge Day Results!

The results have been announced for our House Challenge Day on Friday!

The winners of the Mascot Competition are the Victory Suite and ILS 013!
The winners of the Poster Competition are FLS 114!

For our Indoors competitions the winning tutor groups are:
3rd – INV 204
2nd – ILS 209
1st – INT 006

The winning houses:
4th – Fearless
3rd – Illustrious
2nd – Invincible
1st – Intrepid

For the Outdoors competitions, the winning tutor groups are:
3rd – INT 115
2nd – FLS 010
1st – FLS 114

The winning houses:
4th – Invincible
3rd – Illustrious
2nd – Intrepid
1st – Fearless

Finally, the overall winning House of the day was Intrepid! Followed by Invincible in 2nd, Illustrious in 3rd, and Fearless in 4th. The overall winning tutor groups are Intrepid 006, Illustrious 209 and Invincible 204!

Congratulations to the winners, and well done to everyone who took part. Have a wonderful summer and look forward to doing this again next year!