Policies and Letters


Our policies are under constant review as always and due to the pandemic, additional safety measures and temporary changes may be brought in to deal with the constantly evolving situation, government guidance and statutory measures

Name Date Category  
Accessibility Policy & Plan 03rd Feb 2021Policies Download
Admissions 21/22 19th Oct 2020Policies Download
Admissions Policy 20-21 06th Feb 2019Policies Download
Admissions Policy 22-23 24th Feb 2021Policies Download
Behaviour Policy 2020 Covid-19 v6 20th Apr 2021Policies Download
Catch Up Funding 19-20 24th Jan 2020Policies Download
Complaints Policy Academy Sept 19 20th Apr 2021Policies Download
Covid-19 Catch-Up Funding 20-21 03rd Dec 2020Policies Download
COVID-19 Testing at home of pupils and students in Secondary Schools and Colleges Privacy Statement 17th Mar 2021Policies Download
Curriculum Policy 29th Oct 2018Policies Download
Equality Policy 2021 29th Mar 2021Policies Download
Freedom of Information Policy 2020 05th Nov 2020Policies Download
Google Classroom Home Learning Letter September 2020 16th Sep 2020Letters Download
Home Testing Letter for Parents - 12 March 2021 12th Mar 2021Letters Download
How to Covid-19 Self-Test Guide 16th Mar 2021Letters Download
Letter for Parents - Friday 28th May 2021 - Catering 28th May 2021Letters Download
Letter to Parent - 7 May 2021 - PE Kit Update 10th May 2021Letters Download
Letter to parents from Alison Jeffery - DCS and Helen Atkinson - DPH - 01.04.2021 01st Apr 2021Letters Download
Letter to Parents: Uniform - 24-03-2021 24th Mar 2021Letters Download
LFD-Covid-Self-Test 16th Mar 2021Letters Download
MX Coronavirus Risk Assessment - May 2021 (V9) 20th May 2021Policies Download
Our Remote Curriculum Offer 13th Jan 2021Policies Download
Parent's Guide to School Cloud 09th Mar 2021Letters Download
PE Kit Update 05-03-2021 05th Mar 2021Letters Download
Providing-Remote-Education_Information-To-Parents_MX 22nd Jan 2021Policies Download
Pupil Premium Annual Report and Strategy 20-21 14th Dec 2020Policies Download
Pupil Premium Sept 2020 24th Mar 2021Policies Download
Relationships and Sex Education DRAFT POLICY 22nd Mar 2021Policies Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Arrangements during school closure due to COVID 22nd Mar 2021Policies Download
School SEN information Autumn 2020 05th Oct 2020Policies Download
SEN Policy 2020 03rd Feb 2021Policies Download
TKAT Anti-slavery and human trafficking statement 17th May 2021Policies Download
TKAT Charging Remissions Policy 2020 06th Nov 2020Policies Download
TKAT Data Protection Policy 2021 17th May 2021Policies Download
TKAT Health and Safety Policy 2021 22nd Mar 2021Policies Download
TKAT Home-school agreement C19 10th Sep 2020Policies Download
TKAT Home-school agreement C19 2020 03rd Feb 2021Policies Download
TKAT IT Protocol: Google Workspace and Emails 17th May 2021Policies Download
TKAT Model Attendance Policy MX Version 11th Dec 2019Policies Download
TKAT Privacy Notice (Parents and Carers) 01st Jul 2019Policies Download
TKAT Privacy Notice (Pupils) 01st Jul 2019Policies Download
TKAT Remote Learning Policy 22nd Mar 2021Policies Download
TKAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2020-2021 15th Jan 2021Policies Download
TKAT Whistleblowing Policy Final December 2019 06th Nov 2020Policies Download
Year 11 Update May 2021 06th May 2021Letters Download
Year 7 Catch Up Funding 19-20 03rd Dec 2020Policies Download
Year 7 Virtual Parents Evening - April 2021 27th Apr 2021Letters Download
Year 9 Virtual Parent's Evening - Thursday 25th March 2021 Letter 15th Mar 2021Letters Download