Cyber Ambassadors


What is a Cyber Ambassador’s role?

Our Cyber Ambassadors are a group of eight KS3 students, two from each House group, all training and learning about Internet Safety. They are our school’s representatives in cyber safety, helping other students learn how to stay safe online as part of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Cyber Ambassador Scheme.



Social Media

Our Cyber Ambassadors can be found on Instagram. Click here to go through to their account, or click here to view the MXCyberAmbassadors hashtag.




Recently, our Cyber Ambassadors went through their first training session to learn the key skills they will need to help their fellow students stay safe online. 

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National Online Safety Guides:

If you are concerned about e-safety for yourself or someone you know, please click HERE.

For CEOP, please click HERE.

Portsmouth Safeguarding Children has some very good e-safety advice.  Please click HERE for details.