Safeguarding, Child Protection and Student Wellbeing

Miltoncross Academy aims to maintain the highest possible standards in all aspects of student safeguarding and well-being.

We are bound by Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges: 

Keeping Children Safe in Education



Safeguarding and Child Protection

Our staff are subject to the Safer Recruitment Process and are familiar with our Child Protection Policy.  They recieve regular safeguarding training and know how to record any concerns and who to report to.

Our designated Safeguarding Officer is Mr J Mersey.

If you wish to email Mr Mersey, please click HERE. You should recieve a response within 24 hours. For urgent situations call the Police on 101 or Social Care using the most appropriate number from the Portsmouth City Council website:

The assistant Safeguarding Officer is Mrs J Sollars.

The Safeguarding Link Governor is Mr M Chuter.

Miltoncross Academy Local Governing Board review all safety policies and procedures annually. 





National Online Safety Guides:



Countering Extremism and Terrorism

In light of recent events, the Prevent Duty designed to raise awareness, provide information and safeguard young people is more relevant than ever before.

Extremism  and terrorism is an emotive subject, with many complex and contrasting ideologies. During tutor times our students are encouraged to discuss topics such as:

• Global citizenship  

• Conflict resolution  

• Social justice

• Values and perceptions

• Human Rights

• Diversity

For more details, please click HERE.

Radicalisation & Extremism

For further information and advice, teachers, parents and schools leaders can access the new website - Educate Against Hate – created jointly by the Department for Education and the Home Office:

Please contact the school should you have any concerns.



Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing is vital for learning in the classroom and without some sence of wellbeing in life, young people find it difficult to flourish and reach their potential. 

"Although there are research studies to back up this claim, most educators will know from their own experiences that when we have a sense of wellbeing in our lives, we are far better able to take in new information, take risks in our learning and take responsibility for our learning." Young Minds in Schools

At Miltoncross Academy we aim to develop the whole person. We celebrate success, encourage aspiration and strive to instil a strong sense of self-esteem and responsibility. 

All of our staff help support students through life's inevitable setbacks or failures, whilst class tutors, mentors, heads and assistant heads of House, young carers leaders and loss companions offer more structured support whenever it is needed. 

Our House system provides students with a sense of identity within the wider school community. Siblings will always be put in the same House, but not the same tutor group.   Regular Inter- House challenges promote team building, camaraderie and healthy competition.  

We have high expectations of personal conduct. Miltoncross Academy is a professional working environment where students and staff are expected to display courtesy, consideration and tolerance at all times.



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