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Ella and Ben House of Commons_edited-1Latest update from Ella

Chair of Miltoncross Student Voice and Vice Chair of COPs

It has been great to see Student Voice become more high profile over the past couple of years. In year 8, I was lucky enough to be elected as chair of Student Voice, which has allowed me to become more confident in myself.We have been able to implement lots of positive changes throughout the school, one being a cashless payment system in the school canteen to ensure quicker queuing time, alongside classroom spaces for students to access during break times, all managed by senior students.

As a whole, Student Voice has had a larger influence as we have progressed, moving on to be involved in projects outside of school on a wider scale alongside in-school projects. 

One project that has been good to get involved in is CoPS (Council of Portsmouth Students) This is a student forum that brings local schools together to work on city wide issues faced by students. Working as a CoPS representative for Milton has opened up many amazing opportunities for me as an individual, allowing me to take on a vice chair role within the forum, which in turn recently allowed me to take part in a 15th anniversary celebration event at the House of Commons. At this event, I had the honour of giving a speech about the importance of youth voice and how crucial its existence is to enable students to feel that their opinion does matter and that it is THEIR education, one that they aspire to be proud of. I had the chance to network and talk to local MPs and dignitaries throughout the evening. This allowed me to form lifelong connections, which in this day and age are vital- it really gave me an insight as to how valued the opinions of students actually are. I even had the opportunity to speak to an MP/councillor on the board of education, who was eager to help and get involved in anyway he could.

Within CoPS, a topic that I have been focusing on as part of a group is LGBTQ and gender equality. We have been finding ways to raise awareness and this is something we have been and are looking to get the school more actively involved it. This is an issue that many young people face, though a sad thing to accept, a very important one. We are encouraging diversity and acceptance in the hopes that eventually having a different sexuality will no longer be something looked down or frowned upon but something understood within the school community. We have been working closely with our student welfare teacher to find ways to promote this.

In April we are going to Woe in Ghana to work at a school. Different students will be helping build and decorate classrooms while some teach and assist in lessons. This is something that we want to share with the whole school and get them involved in. We hope that this will also help other students to understand how lucky we actually are in terms of our education and show that we do take it for granted.As it stands, we have raised over £25,000, much of which through community projects and we hope to use examples like this as tools to show the whole school how much we have and as mentioned before, to show that we take so much for granted.

Personally I feel that being part of the Miltoncross Student Voice has been of huge benefit to me. I have become more aware of issues in the bigger world and am really beginning to understand how much of a difference small changes wait. Since joining the student council at school, I am more confident and have learned some very valuable life skills: I have grown in terms of being able to speak in public, I have learned so much about the careers and connections that can be made through networking, I have learned lots about inspiration, aspiration, ambition and motivation, being more confident within myself and I have had endless fun doing it. 

I feel that Student Voice has left a bigger mark on the rest of the school than ever. Students now feel that they do have more of a say in their education and understand that their voices can and will be heard.       

I have high hopes and dreams for the future of Student Voice within our school and have no doubt that we can achieve what we set out to do!

What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is a collaboration of students from across the houses all from a range of different backgrounds and year groups who gather together every fortnight, to discuss the priorities of the student body.

Student Voice is the process in which members of the Student Council work together with other students and staff to contribute to the development of the whole school. 

Students applied for these roles and were chosen by the HLT to represent a thorough cross section of the MX community.

We believe that having an efficient and effective Student Voice is an essential part of making our school a success. 

Our Vision "We are not just about smelly toilets"

Our current motto exists as “We’re not just about smelly toilets!” It is vital that the students of our school understand that whilst the materialistic needs of the school are important, they are not the only thing that we’re about.

Our vision is to encourage every member of our school community to have a say in the decisions regarding the school. A voice that speaks for everyone, from all regions of the school community, making positive changes that everybody wants, working collaboratively as a team, both staff and students together enabling us to flourish. 

Our Priorities

During our most recent meeting, we discussed some aims which we feel are essential for us to gain a better relationship within the school environment. These consist of:

•A better working environment for all
•Improved relationships in the school community
•Pride in self/the school
•A forum through which every student is able to share their views and experiences

A few weeks ago, all tutor groups were asked to decide what they thought were the main top five priorities for all students within the City of Portsmouth. You said:

•Tackling prejudice

•Safety to and from school

•Work experience
•Life Skills 

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