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Calling all Year 10 parents! After our most successful year to date, we are now offering The Duke of Edinburgh Award to current Year 10 Students.  

“The DofE is the world’s leading youth achievement award, giving millions of 14 to 24-year-olds the opportunity to be the very best they can be” For more details, please contact Mr Norman.

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On the 16th /17th of September, fifty-nine Year 11 students embarked on their ‘Assessed Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition’. Every student proved to be absolutely dedicated to achieving the very best they could out of the weekend. The key skills the students demonstrated evidenced the very heart of the Miltoncross spirit; Teamwork, Resilience, Integrity, Excellence and Self-belief. The students trekked for over 8 hours through rain, thunder, lightning and sunshine before arriving at the campsite whereby they immediately took to pitching their tents, cooking their own meals and preparing for the second hike on day two. All eleven groups had to complete their aim, a visual project, that they will soon be presenting in-order to complete their award.

On the morning of day two, all groups independently woke up, organised breakfast, struck camp, demonstrated their map skills to their assessors and headed off once more into the forest, aiming for the final checkpoint.

These students represented the school in an incredible way and should be very proud of themselves, just as every member of staff here at Miltoncross already are. Well done teams!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff team (one of the largest DofE teams in the county) who volunteered their time to help prepare the students for this final expedition and joined them along the way.

Our thanks go to: Mr Norman, Mr Hobbs, Mr Wagstaffe, Mr Hewett, Mr Jones, Mr Morgan, Mr Poston, Mr Williams, Mr Kelly, Mr Assar, Miss James, Miss Thornton, Miss Monkcom, Miss Wallis, Miss Dannock, Miss Tuck and Miss Plennevaux.

Our staff also had this to say upon reflection of the weekend:

Mr S Norman - DofE Manager “It has been an absolute privilege to assist, observe and interact with these students while they progressed through every stage of their award. As DofE Manager for Miltoncross Academy, it is a truly wonderful moment to stand at the final point of the hike, at Bolton’s Bench in Lyndhurst, and watch as the groups all arrive, complete their debrief with their assessors and really reflect on the journey they have been on. The difference you can see in every student from the moment they signed up to the award back in November last year, to the moment they finished the expedition, is enormous. I am incredibly proud of their achievement and it is a true reflection of the importance of the Duke of Edinburgh Award; pushing students to achieve things they had never attempted before, helping them step out of their comfort zones and helping them to develop skills that will be invaluable later on in life. Well done to you all!”

Miss Monkcom – Team Leader: “The moment, in the camp, when every group has made it and are eating their dinner and laughing and chatting and working together to cook and assure their tents etc. are fine- that’s the reason I volunteered! A very enjoyable and rewarding event for all involved. Very cold though- next time bring thermals!”

Miss Wallis - DofE Assessor: “I am incredibly proud of the grit and determination shown by students throughout their assessed expedition. They demonstrated leadership skills, teamwork, resilience and above all had fun building positive relationships in the great outdoors”.

Mr Kelly - Team-leader: “I’ve been a Duke of Edinburgh instructor for 17 years.  This cohort of students was the best I have ever worked with.”

The DofE Team will soon be advertising and recruiting for the next group of students (current Year 10) to the award scheme and plan for the programme to grow even further, in-order to help more young people prepare key skills for a life outside of school.

If you are interested in signing up the award, speak to Mr Norman or any member of the DofE team.

Every Student who enrols will be given a personalised hoodie ... 

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