Triple P Positive Parenting Programme


Teen Triple P at Miltoncross Academy

What is Teen Triple P?

·         Teen Triple P is an 8 week programme for parent’s whose children’s behaviour may be causing a concern in school, and outside. Your teenager may be behaving in an aggressive, confrontational, argumentative or uncooperative manner, or being unusually withdrawn.

·         Teen Triple P is an interactive programme made up of video clips, interactive exercises and homework tasks.

·         The course is free to parents of children at Miltoncross Academy.

Who is the course for?

·         Teen Triple P is suitable for parents with children aged 11+.

·         Teen Triple P is for parents who are seeking support to manage difficult behaviour, or who would benefit from opportunities to build confidence and consider additional strategies to deal with difficult situations.

Please click on the links below for the new Teen Triple P Discussion Groups being offered by Portsmouth City Council.




For more details, please contact Mrs J Philpott via Miltoncross Academy.

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