Literacy Support

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Literacy Support






Spellings_-_look,_say,_cover,_write,_check.pdf  this is for a site called ‘Fun English Games’ - games that use English, Maths and Science to play! - reading, writing, etc. skills – revise and test - a link through another school’s website  - lots of games (EAL appropriate too) - older games (Maths and Science too) - Purpose, Audience and Form, plus Grammar quizzes (some Maths and Science too) - explanations about grammar and quizzes This a list of literary devices that are quite useful for coursework.

Accelerated Reader 

Popular-ar-books-by-level.pdf -This is a search engine to find books that are on Accelerated Reader. This is a link to Renaissance Home Connect.  Students and parents can access Accelerated reader from home to have a look at progress and track their achievements.


Our school is using the Lexia Reading software to help students practice and develop fundamental reading skills. As an added benefit, you can install Lexia Reading at home to extend your child’s practice time.