CoPS & Student Voice

CoPS, the Council of Portsmouth Students, is a city wide student council where students from nearly every school in Portsmouth come together to discuss issues, they collectively feel, are faced in school.

The topics that have been chosen this year include equal rights, government & politics awareness, LGBTQ and dyslexia support.

The forum, its meetings and events are almost completely student led but facilitated by Unloc.

I have been lucky enough to be elected as Vice Chair for the 2nd year running and am eager to see the empowerment of young people in Portsmouth grow.

As a Student Voice in Miltoncross alone we have this year begun efforts to find inclusive ways to reward pupils for their hard work in earning us our ’GOOD’ Ofsted rating. Year 7 pupils have been invited to join our group to effectively voice a broad opinion and we are going to be working on many new projects as the year progresses.

We are very open to any suggestions that people may have. Just come and find anyone with a student voice badge and we will be happy to get working to the best of our ability!

Ella Reilly

Vice Chair CoPS & Student Voice Representative